Rogue Levels

Bringing together unique, engaging content.


Rogue Levels is a media production agency based in East Midlands U.K. We specialise in video production, live acoustic sessions, event videography, music videos and professional photography. We love film making, and we’re passionate about creatively putting together unique engaging content. Our previous projects include: corporate events, fashion photography, music videos, live/acoustic sessions, music festivals and more.

Event Videography

Musicians put their heart and soul into their performance. We capture this raw, expressive and beautifully.

Live Sessions

Our live sessions are recorded with a lot of care for sound quality. The recordings are processed and mastered in post to add a professional finish.

Music Videos

We use the best audio and video equipment available to capture every performance in high quality.

Post Production

We tailor our post production to smooth out the rough edges and give a nice sparkling finish.

Photo Promos

Promotional stills are an essential part of branding. We’re proud to have delivered great results to hundreds of clients.

Event Videography

Whether it’s solo, fashion, advertising or corporate, we’ve got you covered with specialised, engaging photographs.