We produce numerous music video projects including live events, music videos, festivals, live acoustic sessions and more.

If you’re interested in hiring us, contact us to start your session!

Our live sessions have proved extremely popular since we started filming them in early 2017. We are meticulous about the sound quality, and put a great deal of effort into preserving it. Rogue Levels sessions are designed for efficiency to save you time and effort.

Live Sessions

A studio grade mastered recording and a video of the performance.

We spend time on the day of the shoot capturing you performing a song live. We use good quality audio equipment to preserve the quality of recordings for mixing and mastering.

Music Videos

A professional high quality music video of your live studio performance.

Music videos are some of the most shared music content online. Whether you have a full concept, storyboard or simply an idea, we work with you to capture a video you can be proud of.

Live Performances

A cost effective solution, high quality footage of your live performance as a music video.

We can capture your performances live, with or without recording the live sound and compile music video from the footage or simply put it together in similar style to our live sessions.

Rogue Levels Youtube Channel

For more music videos and live sessions, visit our youtube channel!

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